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Weeks, Months, Years

by Ryan McMahon

The Weight of the World is making it cave in on itself Out of room to turn day to day while the wealthy count their wealth Save your money when the gas tank calls Count your pennies and the government calls I Tried to Run but I ran into the way it was A pipeline to Texas Red-carpet Million-Dollar man of the free But what happened next? Direct threats and human casualty All of a sudden we wake from a dream more or less alive more or less free but it’s much less than it used to be The weight of the world is making it cave in on itself a false sense of fear a little more Westernized a little more hell
Comeback 03:00
I want to wake up at your place go downstairs to get the paper and see my world’s not a basket case Lordy knows I’ve tried and I’ve tried to keep it simple and not live a lie but I don’t yet know who I am Don’t you know I sing awful things I keep coming back to another bad ending I don’t want that I don’t want this comeback to fall short All alone with a coffee-burnt toungue I want to go home back to when I was young and I hadn’t seen what I saw Let me say: “Let us pray that another dirty wave will come to take us away to the future so we don’t get caught” The thoughts are almost gone the night itself is done and all that’s left is song the voices singing as one I need to wake up and you’re around no traffic jams no city sounds below us to bring us down Lordy knows there’s a better way don’t you know we’ll get there some day soon I hope to God
And in the end there’s only one staying up late thinking things alone pretty soon I’ll be gone and just the thoughts will dust this town pretty soon all I’ve known will be gone Sleep in past noon again I never want to grow up towards an end pretty soon I’ll be gone and just the words I’ll leave to haunt pretty soon all I’ve known will begin again What are we waiting for? sometimes the mundane days are all that keeps me whole sometimes I’m me but sometimes I just don’t know what are we waiting for? and in the end I’ll come around I’ll never forget where I come from One by one the days passing like cargo on trains one by one creating history
When the dancing’s done and the folks are gone will you walk with me or will it just be one? I’ve got an angel but I’m getting scared nine lives with maybe one to spare good timing or is it bad timing you’ve got? When the singer has sung and his course has run will the day end before it’s even begun? I’ve got a fishbowl-head in the clouds I’ve got some voices and they’re getting loud good timing or is it bad timing you’ve got? these guitar strings need a change just like my old ways you’re filled with tomorrows but how do we get past today? when the day is done and the folks are gone will you walk me home or will it just be one? I’ve got a story that you’ll want to hear just a glimpse before I disappear good timing or is it bad timing you’ve got?
Good morning I’m still going nowhere but it seems like a bang-up place to be I’ll remember I’ll gorget then I’ll do it again come into the next phase with me because some days are long and I don’t know what’s coming next but something tells me that I might win so place your bets now the car’s in the driveway let’s go the rain in your hair will dry I’m thin and I’m accident-prone but that’s what you want from your guy ’cause I want to be there when you see it and all of the things that are without limit don’t stop this i like it don’t stop this good morning it’s late and you’re sleeping shake out the dust from your eyes I’m not at my best but you can keep me instead of discarding me time after time
Broken down Broken axl side of the road a couple of night owls they’re making plays making plans now but not today they’re stuck in limbo so get out of dodge get out of this place get your team together and if you’ve got runners well get them on base and steal this one on back because it’s yours to begin with and if New Orleans won’t win tonight then go to the bullpen and build that lead again build your town again lost the way lost the pictures lost the rest so start it over so broken down so you fix it find middle ground and watch it lights out time for bed you little strangers you little friends lights out go home if you’ve got one to go to
It’s been a few weeks standing on my feet I think my soles are getting raw I’ve pissed on the list of to-do’s I’ve kissed with promises that I’ve forgot So take a trip out into the country to remember where we are from ’cause it’s the best thing a God could ever give me after I didn’t believe at all It’s been a few months since it’s been done I see the change has made you a star no longer kicking out from under the shadows of the days that we were apart It’s been a few years since the audience cheered for something bigger than themselves maybe it’s here maybe it’s something in the beer maybe it’s the way we just do it now
I want to make a song that’ll make you cry happy-face tears fall from your eyes summer kisses us from a cherry-red sky I’m falling falling out of love a perfect afternoon for lazing away but small-talk-talking’s all you’ve got to say the summer walks in and walks out again I’m falling Falling out of love Falling out of love is that what’s got you hurtin’ falling out of love falling out of love this heartache we cannot bear falling out of love falling out of love is that what’s got you hurtin’ falling out of love falling out of love this heartache we’ve got is murder sit us down and make us count to ten until the fault and blame subsides again the clouds follow us around the bend I’m falling falling out of love perfectly upset with your arms in the air pouty-lips-hand-hips you don’t care you’re looking at me with a five-alarm stare you’re falling falling out of love a re-run’s no way to get this done a re-run’s no way to get this done i know you’re bound to come undone a re-run is no way
Girl on Top 03:39
Indeed your room is cluttered and for sure you see that mine is too the blood-sugar level’s down like-drastic just another imperfection-goof the girls’ on top with the lights off she’s not sleeping the girls’ on top with the lights off the girl is giving did you wear your night-clothes especially for me? did you plot your seduction by painting your eyes liquor’s to wet the lips of your words bulldozing my will and caressing my thighs After you’re done with me sneak out of the basement and as I fall asleep I’ll think of what your face meant indeed you’ll see I’m out of poems indeed you’ll see that I’m not in love it’s creepy and crowded under the sheets you whisper to me: “you deserve this”
Road Signs 02:43
224 to Saskatoon I might love you more than he loved you it’s a fine day to be marooned in a Canadian desert running out of youth I know you’ll soon be well but those days between might feel like hell I know you’ve planned it out in your head I just wish that you chose me instead 175 to Seattle so much rain today the van needs a paddle it’s a fine day to head into battle with tired hearts and bodies and minds in the saddle But now it’s coming around again doubts crawl through my head butterflies in the stomach ten-times-too-big for me to deal with fortunately free an open road from city-to-country i just hope i make it home to you 35 to Montreal I wonder if I ever knew at all it’s a fine day to write a song I’ll finish after the opening bands’ done.
I’ll be the solution you be the mess I’ll get amnesia when we meet again oh you bet I’m on the fence I’ll be simmered down when the news comes in but you’ll get your back up and bolt again oh you bet I’m on the fence but it won’t be long ’cause that don’t mean it don’t hurt any less when you see your twenties come up then vanish oh don’t let me go yet I am the morning let me begin you can have your evening and all it’s sin oh you bet I’m on the fence oh I’ll see the new man and you’ll see my ‘beaut’ and I’ll see his heart sticking under my shoe oh just another line for you I’ll see the sun from Railway St. I’ll wonder where you are and I’ll wonder who you’ll meet but I’ll never go further than wonder ever again oh you bet I’m beyond the fence
No Burden 02:58
No burden baby, no no trouble I don’t mind don’t sell me any future if I’m still stuck behind some days i love you some days i don’t we might make april or may but someone’s gotta change or else we won’t working on my steps taking painstaking tests don’t crush my inner kid when you know those days were best some days i love you some days i don’t we might make april or may but someone’s gotta change or else we won’t what’s it gonna take for you to really love me? what’s it gonna take for you to really care? no burden baby no no trouble i don’t mind don’t sell me any future if you’re leaving me behind
Double Life 02:44
Double life but I’m 0-2 and all I’ve gots is a talkin’ stew I am me so how do you do today? I woke up late with the stomach flu wrote the down down and it’s all untrue there’s nothing left I can put you through this way but the summer’s still on it’s way with the promise of a better day but it all falls apart with a cheating false start and the better days have gone by again Double-wide but I’m thin like you a few more rye’s and we’ll get there soon nobody hurts if nobody moves away a little less but we’ll make due keeping the faith that’ll put us through there’s no avenue that I wouldn’t pursue or play you know my better days have gone by again


A walk through time with Ryan McMahon. From teens to mid-twenties... from home to the city, McMahon takes you through his experiences in relationships and life in an honest lyrical journey. Accompanied by his friends, Mike Rogerson and Dustin Young on guitar and bass.


released April 18, 2008

Produced, engineered and mixed by Mike Rogerson @ Bakerstreet Studios, North Vancouver

Mastered by Greg Reely @ The Green Jacket


all rights reserved



Ryan McMahon Ladysmith, British Columbia

20+ years as a Canadian songwriter / member of Lion Bear Fox / Father, husband & seeker.

Veteran Canadian broadcaster Terry David Mulligan may have said it best: the complete package. Singer Songwriter. Performer. Troublemaker. Passionate human being. For me… priceless!!”
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